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Maybe we have gotten a little bit ahead of ourselves.  I have put together a blog and a 100% Free Guide that teach you exactly how to make any woman have an intense squirting orgasm.  But what if you are trying to REVIVE your sex life.  If your passion has dwindled there is no way you are going to make your wife or girlfriend squirt.  The #1 most important thing you can do to make a girl squirt is to get her extremely turned on.  As a matter of fact, even if your sex life is still as hot as ever…if you are not properly turning your woman on the chances of making her squirt are slim.

MOST MEN get it all wrong when it comes to pleasing their partner in bed. There are different Spots on her body that needs your attention before sex.

how to touch a woman

The best way to get a woman going is through touch.  And not the kind of touch you’re probably thinking.  Did you know that there are special pleasure zones on the female body that when touched in the right way can provide ecstasy unlike she’s ever experienced?

I bet you want to know what these areas are am I right?
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Wait…17 pleasure spot?  That’s right baby…17.

There is a major problem I see between men and women these days.  And it has to do with these incredible pleasure zones. Men just don’t know what to do to turn a woman on and make her want sex. They’re not using these areas to their advantage because they don’t even know they exist!

I recently received a life changing report that displays groundbreaking techniques on how to discover and touch your partner’s pleasure zones in a way that will make her tremble with desire.  Watch it Now!

Let me tell you more about this report.  It was written by a sex expert named Gabrielle Moore.  You’re probably wondering, who is Gabrielle Moore and why should I listen to her sex advice?  Ms. Moore has over 4 million visitors to her websites every year.  She has over 10 years of experience helping couples have better sex.  On top of that she has written and published numerous programs, books, and reports on different areas of sexuality. This girl knows what she’s doing.

Her newest report is called Female Pleasure Spots and it gives you all the information you need in order to touch your woman correctly.  As a result of these techniques your partner will be more interested in sex with you. You’ll know just how to turn her on and give her what she likes.  Once you get you completely aroused, that’s when things get good.  Only then can you implement my 7 Steps to Make Her Squirt and deliver the kind of orgasm that you never thought possible (and watch her completely soak the sheets.)

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She’ll show you things like; Begin by stimulating an erogenous zone other than her vagina or breasts.

Try taking her hands and giving her an amazing massage. The hands, wrists and fingers can be a wonderful erogenous zone that most men completely ignore.

Grab a bottle of lotion and begin rubbing her up. Pay attention to every area, nook and cranny.  Once she’s relaxed and feeling great, she’ll want you to continue your rubbing in other areas too!

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