Squirting Orgasm Tips From Real Women

real girls give advice on how to squirt

I asked some real live ladies to share their squirting orgasm secrets.  I received some great feedback.  And now I am glad to have the opportunity to share with you.

Squirting Advice From Real Women

I get really wet when I have an orgasm from sex.  Most of the time I leave a little wet spot on the sheets.  The only time I really squirt though is when we have sex on the counter, or a table.  Or when I’m half hanging off the bed and my husband is standing in front of me during sex.  I think it has something to do with the angle.  -Amanda

That actually makes a lot of sense.  If you are having trouble achieving ejaculation, try different positions.  Especially ones you have never tried before.

Fingers on the clit and g-spot work best for me.  Have your husband or boyfriend (or even yourself) use plenty of lube so you don’t get irritated from the start.  Take your time.  Be patient. -April

It is very important to take your time.  Squirting isn’t something that happens quickly.  A woman has to be properly stimulated and extremely aroused to squirt.  A lot of times a squirt comes on the second or third orgasm instead of the first.

The first time I squirted I was on top.  And we had sex for a while.  I think I came like 4 times and then all of a sudden, bam.  He was soaked.  He asked if I peed and I was like hell no, that felt amazing. -Mary

Squirting orgasms are definitely not pee.  And they are definitely amazing.  Girl on top is truly one of the best sex positions for squirting.

My advice is that you have to “let yourself go” in order to squirt. You can’t hold back, no matter if you feel like you’re not “doing it right”. I also need to kind of push it out right when that moment comes. Yes it feels like you’re deliberately peeing. Go ahead and get past that and even tell yourself “so what if I am peeing?” if you need to. You’ll realize afterward that you didn’t. -Tara

It’s true most girls don’t squirt because they literally stop themselves from squirting.  Just let it go.

I only can squirt when I’m using a vibrator.  Some of the best vibrators to make you squirt are the ones that are specifically designed for g-spot stimulation.

There you go.  Great advice on squirting from experienced squirters.


Olivia Martin

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