When a Woman Squirts During Sex is it Pee?

The short answer is NO.  No, no, no is a more accurate and slightly longer answer.  When a girl has a squirting orgasm, that fluid is definitely not pee.

What is the Fluid That Comes Out During Female Ejaculation?

There have been actual tests on the fluid that is expelled when a woman has a squirting orgasm.  And while some tests have found small amounts of uric acid (which is found in pee), it doesn’t mean that it’s pee.

It is an alkaline fluid that is found in the Skene’s gland.  And medical research telss us that the Skene’s gland, is the equivalent microscopic prostate for women.  The Skene’s Gland is tiny when you actually look at it. The hole is next to the urethra.

skenes gland associated with female squirting orgasms or ejaculationsource: wikipedia

This type of squirting is very common when a female’s g-spot is stimulated.

Are You Sure It’s Not Pee?

Here’s what I know from personal experience.

  • It doesn’t look like pee.  It’s clear.
  • It doesn’t smell like pee.  Not much odor at all really.
  • It doesn’t taste like pee.  That’s right…I said it.

Can all women squirt?