The #1 Thing That Makes a Man Good In Bed

When I set out to make a website dedicated to teaching men how to make a girl squirt my #1 goal was to teach men how to be better in bed.  I wanted to give the guys the knowledge and confidence to take a woman to bed and make her cum hard.

 What Makes a Guy Good In Bed?

I’ve put a lot of research into this site.  I have asked countless women this question.  I was actually quite surprised by the three answers I kept getting over and over again.

guy that's good in bed

I was expecting to hear things like “Truthfully, a big dick helps.”

I thought maybe I would discover a certain technique that drove women crazy.

The 3 things that actually make a guy good in bed are:

  • Good Stamina
  • High Sexual Energy
  • Rock Hard Penis

And it was the last one that came up almost every time I asked a woman “What makes a guy good in bed?”

#1 thing that makes a guy good in bed

I discovered that a rock hard penis is the #1 secret to being great in bed.   A harder penis naturally places more pressure on the g-spot during intercourse.  As we know from other articles on this site, pressure on a woman’s g-spot during sex is the key to giving her a squirting orgasm.  The only way to give women these deeply satisfying orgasms is by hitting her g-spot.

So How Can I Make My Penis Rock Hard?

That’s the good news!  Unlike making your penis bigger (which unfortunately really isn’t possible without surgery), making your erection harder is actual simple science.  Starting right around age 30, the male body stops producing testosterone at the previously high levels.  Lower Testosterone (Low T) naturally causes your sex drive to diminish, you have less energy, you begin to lose muscle & gain weight.  Low T also naturally causes your erections to be less firm.  A Natural Testosterone Booster can help.

I’m not going to give you the science behind this.  This is not that type of site.  But once again, my goal is to help men be better in bed, have more confidence, and make their women cum hard…so what I can do is show you how to get a free bottle of natural testosterone booster.  All you have to do is pay shipping and you can have a free bottle of an amazing natural testosterone booster delivered discretely to your door in just a few days.


Try it for yourself and see.  I have had men tell me they started seeing results immediately.  Others had to wait a few weeks to see the physical results, but the confidence and drive increased almost immediately.