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Have Women Been Lying to You?

“Honey, that was AMAZING.” “Oh wow, you’re so big!” “Nobody’s ever done that to me before!” Of all the women who have ever whispered those words in your ear…Could it be possible at least some of them were, ahem, ~stretching~ the truth? I’ll tell you what never

100% Natural way to last longer in bed

Hey baby, We all know that one of the main reasons why women become disinterested in sex with their man (and sometimes even cheat on them) is because they are not satisfied in bed.  That’s why I started this blog….to help YOU satisfy her. And.. one of

Want to Make Her Squirt? Start Here>>

Maybe we have gotten a little bit ahead of ourselves.  I have put together a blog and a 100% Free Guide that teach you exactly how to make any woman have an intense squirting orgasm.  But what if you are trying to REVIVE your sex life.  If

Female Ejaculation: Best Orgasm Ever!

So seriously, If you are a woman and you haven’t experienced female ejaculation you have to drop everything.  Take a day off work.  Get yourself a g-spot vibrator.  Lock the door and put in the work. Take it from me.  To experience female ejaculation (squirting orgasm) is

Squirting Orgasm Tips From Real Women

I asked some real live ladies to share their squirting orgasm secrets.  I received some great feedback.  And now I am glad to have the opportunity to share with you. Squirting Advice From Real Women I get really wet when I have an orgasm from sex.  Most

When a Woman Squirts During Sex is it Pee?

The short answer is NO.  No, no, no is a more accurate and slightly longer answer.  When a girl has a squirting orgasm, that fluid is definitely not pee. What is the Fluid That Comes Out During Female Ejaculation? There have been actual tests on the fluid

5 Tips to Help You Find Your G-Spot

Get In There Prop yourself up on your bed with your legs spread like they would be if you were visiting the gyno. Put lube on your middle finger and insert it into your vagina with your palm facing up. Your G-spot is on the top wall